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Schweiz / Liechtenstein


Get to know the committee from Rotex Schweiz/Liechtenstein.


Look at our gallery to see what kind of fun events we have had in the past.


Are you interested in supporting us? Do you have a good idea for an event or any other suggestions? Please get in touch with us.

about rotex

Rotex Switzerland / Liechtenstein is an organization of former exchange students between 17-28 years of age, which aim to accompany the exchange students (inbounds) in Switzerland during their exchange year. We organize various events to show the inbounds Switzerland. Personal contact and exchange with them is very important to us. We strive to become friends with them and are available as contact persons should any minor problems arise.

We also work very closely with Rotary Youth Exchange Switzerland / Liechtenstein and support them at Rotary events and activities.


Rotex is financed by a membership fee and financial support from Rotary Youth Exchange Switzerland/Liechtenstein as well as individual contributions from Rotary clubs.


Would you also like to support the work of Rotex financially?

Write to us at

We will contact you and will be happy to give a presentation about Rotex and the youth exchange program in your club. 


Returnweekend (Rotex/Return)
15. - 16. September 2024

Fallweekend West
05. - 06. Oktober 2024

Fallweekend Ost
12. - 13. Oktober 2024

Winterweekend Ost
01. - 02. Februar 2025

Winterweekend West
25. - 26. Januar 2025

Spring Event 1
05. April 2025

Spring Event 2
​05. April 2025

Generalversammlung (Rotex)
03. Mai 2025

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